Remembering Pat/Mom/Granny on Thanksgiving


We thought it would be nice to share this video that we created in remembrance of Mom at Thanksgiving with all the family & friends who prayed for her and visited her blog.  We all miss her very much.  Hope you enjoy all these special memories.


Many thanks from Bill and the family for your support


Hello, all!  Below is a note that Bill wrote and asked that I post to the blog for everyone.  Thanks….Tammy

To all our relatives, friends, Knights, and neighbors that were following Pat’s blog:

Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and get well wishes during Pat’s hospital stay at UVA.  If prayers were the only thing that mattered for her to get well, she would have lived to be 200+. 
Pat had prayers from relatives, friends, Knights from around the state, prayer groups from other faiths, the congregations from Our Lady of Nazareth and St. Andrews, the Roanoke Ski Club, Hidden Valley CC, Mended Hearts, her DOTOMS and Valley Girls groups, and countless others.  She fought hard and both she and the family were optimistic that she would pull through.  However, the weak heart and her 4th open heart surgery were just too much.  God had different plans for her.  I know she is in heaven looking down on us and wishing all of us a good life as we forge ahead. 
Again, many thanks from the family for your love, support, cards, flowers, and visits to the wake and funeral during this very sad time in our lives.  It was so meaningful and greatly appreciated.
Bill Howard  

Funeral arrangements

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For out of town family/friends, we have made special arrangements at the Sleep Inn Tanglewood, 4045 Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 540-772-1500.  When calling, ask for the “Howard funeral rate.”  Single rooms are $55 ($15 off the regular) and suites are $79.99 ($20 off regular).  They are holding 15 single rooms and 5 suites at this rate through Friday.

Visitation will be at Oakey Funeral Home South (on Brambleton Ave) on Sunday, January 22nd from 2-4pm and 6-8pm.  A funeral mass will be held at Our Lady of Nazareth on Rt 419 on Monday, January 23rd at 11:00am.

Mom’s in Heaven now


Mom lost her battle last night and she passed at 7:30pm.  Dad, Terri, Vicki, Billy, Mike, and a priest were all by her side.  The tentative arrangements are for a visitation at Oakey’s Funeral Home South, on Brambleton Avenue, on Sunday, January 22nd.  On Monday, January 23rd, there will be a funeral mass held at Our Lady of Nazareth on Rt 419.  Please note that these are tentative plans only as they have not been confirmed.

Update on Pat 1/17


The situation hasn’t really improved.  They did an echo this morning on her heart and it isn’t apparently able to work without the pumps.  That’s all the information we have for now, but we will update you when we know more.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support!

Pat’s update 1/16/2012


Just received this from Billy:

We met with the Neurologist today.  Based on the EEG results that monitors her brain function, the Neurologist’s opinion is that mom has moderate to severe brain damage.  This is not conclusive as they are not able to move her at this time to get a MRI or CAT scan.  She continues to have two pumps that are working her left and right side of her heart and she is on dialysis which is working for her kidneys.  As we have more information we will let you know.   Please keep praying.



Pat’s update 1/15/2012


We met with the Neurologist and he gave her a sedative to hopefully stop all seizure activity in the brain so they could accurately measure the brain activity.  The Neurologist felt the seizures experienced by Mom might have affected the testing of the brain activity.  This sedative will last 24 hrs so we don’t expect any movement from Mom until after that time.   Please continue to pray.

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